Robotic milking solutions

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Producing high-quality milk requires healthy and comfortable cows. Our solutions for automatic milking help you make the right choices for your herd and your operation.

All of our solutions can be used to achieve your specific goals, whether they are more efficient use of labor, better cow health or increased yields.


Lely Astronaut A5

A new milestone in milking

Cow Comfort

With the Lely Astronaut A5, you achieve optimal freedom of movement for your cows. With free cow traffic, the cows decide themselves when to eat, drink, relax or be milked. Features such as the hybrid arm and the I-flow concept contribute to the cows’ natural rhythm and increase the milking robot’s capacity. A healthy and stress-free cow means more milk in the tank.

Ease of use

One display is all you need for an easy first milking. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to find your way around functions, settings, information and important reports. Automatic milking as it should be, giving you the time to enjoy farming while having total control over your herd. Providing the best usability, accessibility and serviceability, all in one system.

Return on investment

Every farmer is looking for a significantly lower cost per pound of milk produced. This Astronaut is built with a limited number of fast and decisive electrical movements, making it highly energy efficient. Due to the innovative hybrid arm, energy consumption goes down while performance increases - faster and secure attachment with a larger reach.

Peace of mind

The Lely Astronaut A5 is designed with a focus on longevity and reliability. The more you can rely on the Astronaut, the better you can make use of the saved hours and flexibility. To be outstanding in terms of reliability and uptime, we eliminated critical components and extended the lifetime of others. This Astronaut is built for peace of mind.

Lely Grazeway

24/7 information on your cows

Controlled freedom of choice

With the right strategy, grazing can be perfectly combined with automatic milking. The Lely Grazeway selection box is an essential tool for this. Cows choose when they want to go out to pasture. The Grazeway then determines whether or not they can, using the Lely Qwes cow-recognition system.

Efficiency through control

Through the link with the Lely T4C management system, you have total control over each individual cow’s grazing. The T4C settings make the Grazeway an exceptionally flexible tool. By linking the selection box to your cows’ milk yield data, you can manage feeding and grazing much more efficiently.

User friendly, both for humans and cows

The Grazeway offers outstanding user friendliness for you and stress-free selection for your cows. The selection box works with the same management system as the Lely Astronaut. In addition, the double-gate system is the same as the gate on the milking robot. You can also use the Grazeway for separating cows for treatment. You can programme this yourself through InHerd on your mobile phone, while you are walking among the cows.

Lely Grazeway R – automatic grazing registration

Cows leave the barn through the renowned Lely Grazeway selection box or the Lely Astronaut milking robot, and are recognized and registered in the process. When they return the cows are accurately registered, entirely automatically, by the Grazeway R. The integrated loop antenna recognizes the cows’ movements from any position. Smooth throughflow, free of hindrance, guaranteed.

Lely Qwes

24/7 information on your cows

Permanent insight into cow health

With good insight into the health of your cows, you prevent illness and loss of production. The Lely Qwes cow-recognition system measures the most crucial information on each cow every two hours. This provides you with a good insight into the activity of the cows and allows you to know when you need to intervene.

Better reproduction

By accurately identifying the best insemination time, you increase the effectiveness of insemination. This also helps you to reduce calving intervals. The Qwes system is also available with heat detection. Lely T4C sends out a signal when the cow is in heat. This allows you to ensure that insemination happens at the right time.

Every cow is different

The Qwes system is included as standard with the Lely Astronaut and other Lely equipment through the Lely T4C management system. Lely T4C converts the data into useable information for managing your cows’ health. This gives you a real-time overview of each cow in terms of milk yield, lactation status and history.

Early warning of changes by monitoring rumination

Changes in rumination patterns are the first sign of potential problems. The Qwes system, which monitors rumination activity, alerts you to these. By linking these data to milk-yield information from the Lely Astronaut, the effect on cow performance and the dairy herd’s appetite is monitored overall.
Cows that are happy because robotic milking solutions give them the best comfort and care. The lely qwes system also keeps these cows happy because they can be focused on individually

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