Optimal feed efficiency for a healthy and productive herd

Frequent feeding has a proven positive effect on overall cow health and milk yield. Mixing the right portions in the right quantities and releasing them just at the right moment requires knowledge, understanding and time. Automatic feeding systems and innovative equipment take over the day-to-day feeding of the herd, ensuring the utmost efficiency while improving animal health.

Lely Juno

Increasing feed intake has never been easier

Benefit from frequent feed pushing

Increasing your feed pushing frequency pays off – it stimulates frequent feed consumption throughout the day and night, resulting in a higher feed intake among your cows. This not only has a positive effect on animal health, but also improves fertility, production and your financial results.

Smart feed pushing the Lely way

The Lely Juno is your partner for smart feed pushing. The standalone machine moves along the feeding alley automatically. Based on the routes you have predefined, it follows the feed fence while its rotating lower mechanism pushes the feed towards it. Controlling the Juno is easy with the Lely Control Plus app for mobile devices.

Automated feed pushing

Automating the recurring work of feed pushing will increase feed pushing frequency at the same time as reducing your labor requirements. You’ll save up to 180 hours a year; valuable time you can now spend on other activities on your farm. In addition, you’ll benefit from a clean feed alley, day and night, and a reduction in fuel usage since you no longer need the tractor to push feed.
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Flexible options

For extra flexibility, the machine itself can be equipped with several options. These include a smart skirt lifter that minimizes wear and tear and allows left and right pushing for increased capacity. Barn door control can also be implemented in case your animals are housed in different barns. Furthermore, electric bumper protection and an LED light for enhanced visibility during the night can also be included. All options can be combined in the Flex package.

Lely Vector

Automatic feeding is ready for you

More frequent feeding

Feeding more frequently stimulates fodder ingestion, so it benefits animal health, fertility and production. Eating several times a day keeps the pH value of the rumen constant, and allows cows to make better use of the ration they eat. Animals become more active: they visit the milking robot more often, resulting in an increased output of milk.

Always fresh feed at the feed fence

Feeding more frequently ensures there is always enough fresh feed at the feed fence. The Lely Vector senses when it is time for a new feeding round. The mixing and feeding robot measures the feed height of a specific section to determine when the ration needs to be supplemented, so there is never too much or too little feed at the feed fence.

Automatic feeding

Automatic feeding means that cows are fed with precision. You can define exactly the right ingredients needed to feed each group of animals, including beef cattle. This has a positive influence on feed efficiency, and the development and production of your animals.
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Insight into profits

Feeding with the Vector provides more understanding into the efficiency and profitability of your feed strategy. The T4C management system indicates average feed ingestion per cow and per group. You can measure the effects of changes to rations by linking the system to the Lely Astronaut. This allows you to gain an insight into whether the cost of a change produces not only a higher yield but also a higher return.

Lely Cosmix

Concentrate feeder for cows that need that little bit more

Concentrates according to requirements

By feeding according to cows’ requirements, rumen health improves and milk yield rises. The Lely Cosmix, along with the Lely Astronaut, ensures that each cow receives the portion of concentrate it needs. Cows that do not consume enough during milking, heifers and dry cows get their concentrates from the Cosmix. Thanks to the Lely Qwes cow-recognition system, the Cosmix knows precisely how much concentrate the cow is allowed to be fed at any given time.

Clear insight into concentrate intake

To get the most out of your feed strategy, an insight into feed intake is crucial. By integrating with our Lely T4C herd management system, you know exactly what the concentrate intake is per cow. If you also milk with our automatic milking system, you can link the data from milking to the data on concentrate intake, giving even more insight into the return on your concentrate.

Efficient feeding

Thanks to the software system behind the Cosmix, you never feed too much concentrate. The Cosmix is designed in such a way that even very small quantities of concentrate can be provided in the feed box. This avoids wasting costly concentrate and prevents clumping.
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Better rumen health, higher milk yield and efficient feeding is what you get with the Lely Cosmix. The concentrate feeder can be adapted to your specific barn design with adjustable side rails. The Cosmix P is equipped with an integrated protection gate to allow cows that are lower in the hierarchy to feed on their portion of concentrate unhindered.

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