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Lely Luna

The unique soft kneeboard with water

Relaxed cows are productive cows

Keeping animal welfare to optimum levels leads to happier, healthier and more productive cows. Cow health can be enhanced by proper skin care. The Lely Luna brushes the skin and stimulates blood circulation. This leads not only to a more relaxed cow but also a calmer herd.

Long lifespan

As soon as a cow pushes against the brush, it starts to rotate in the opposite direction. As the brush rotates in two directions, the brush hairs remain intact for longer. The brush has a minimum of moving parts. This means that it requires little upkeep, which in turn increases its lifespan.

Clean and healthy skin

The Luna cow brush is designed to pamper and care for your cows. Brushing not only improves blood circulation but also cleans dust and other dirt from the skin. This reduces itchy skin. Brushing is relaxing for the cows and they will happily be brushed several times a day.
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Safe and easy

Cow safety is maintained through the overload protection. If the cow pushes too hard against the brush, the brush stops moving. As a result, the Luna prevents painful or irritated skin. The Luna can also be easily installed in different ways. It works just as well as a standalone installation as affixed to a wall.

Aqua Board®

The unique soft kneeboard with water

Innovation in cow comfort

The Aqua Board® received the silver medal during Eurotier fair held in Hannover, Germany.

At the forefront of the latest studies on animal comfort, the Aqua Board® has been studied to meet the needs of both dairymen and cow comfort. Bioret Agri therefore developed the Aqua Board®, the first water knee board in the world.

The Aqua Board® consists of a water tube attached to the front of each mattress and furnished in the exact length of the cubicle row.

Conventional systems such as straps provide a dissuasion but resist poorly and slacken over time. They lose their effectiveness and have to be retightened regularly. Wooden boards, due to the hardness, can cause trauma and injury to live animal tissue.

Lateral attachment

Soft kneeboard: no trauma during lying down or standing up. Adjustable height adapts to cows, genetics, cubicles, and mattresses you have. You can control the water pressure inside the tube and therefore the height and firmness of an Aqua Board®. Settings can be easily modified based on experience, change of lots, breed or sizes of cows. Once the correct pressure has been found, restraint and comfort are optimized resulting in cows lying in a natural position and often with a front leg extended over the Aqua Board®. Shock absorber: The mass created by the water gently stops the animal where needed. Suitable for all types of cubicles.
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