The best calf care solutions

Lely Calm

For optimal growth and development from calf to dairy cow

Shorter breeding period

Reduce your breeding period for calves by providing the right quality of milk at the right temperature several times a day, which promotes good health and achieves savings. The Lely Calm can provide 25 to 30 calves with fresh milk or milk powder. In this way, calves receive precisely what they need to grow and develop into cows.

Easy to use

No more daily manual feeding and filling milk without really knowing how much the calf consumes. The Lely Calm takes away the manual labor by always having the right amount of milk ready at the right temperature. Cleaning is another task that you no longer need to perform as the Lely Calm cleans automatically, accurately and on time for good hygiene.

Easy to use

A full-grown heifer that calves at the right weight, produces with ease and can process a lot of feed means optimal yields. The Lely Calm promotes that growth. As calves grow, you can wean them easily and gradually. This gives calves the time to eat more feed and develop their rumens, making them grow faster into strong and healthy ruminants.
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Always under control

With a simple push of a button you can see how much milk a calf consumes and, if necessary, adjust the mix. With the Lely Calm app, you can check data on your calves remotely and intervene quickly in the event of an alarm.

Holm & Laue HL100 Programmable Calf Feeder

Milk and group feeding, for healthier calves


  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Can feed 100-120 calves with just one unit
  • Optional second mixer bowl allowing two calves to drink at once
  • All programmable
  • Liquid and Powder dosing options
  • Whole milk delivery option
  • Automatic CIP system
  • Rinses feeding tube between each calf
  • Rugged feeding stall design
  • RFID TAG or collar tag option

The importance of hygiene

After every visit, the mixer bowl and the tubing to the teat are rinsed with clear water. No milk residues will remain in the system. The H&L 100 starts a wash cycle automatically at least twice a day (more frequently with a whole milk diet).

Reduce costs and improve returns

Optimum and early nutrition promotes the calves' future high performance potential. With an optimized feeding program, they will produce 10% - 20% more milk. An improved state of health results in a lower death rate, too, hence more animals in the herd reared from your herd offspring.
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Keep Intruders out

The feeding equipment is just like any employee in your operation - you want it to be reliable. The H&L 100 has been developed with high quality components to feed your calves 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Safe and reliable

Two large doors protect the critical compartment in which the mixer bowls are installed. This keeps flies away from the milk, thereby also avoiding plugged milk feeding lines. The doors can be locked so children cannot get harmed or injured.