Barn Design

Barn design for a modern dairy

Lely Walkway

Foot bath for efficient hoof care

Healthy hooves for optimum animal welfare

Reduce hoof disease and premature lameness with efficient hoof care. Cows with healthy hooves feel good and are more productive. They will visit the feed gate and the milking robot more regularly. Healthy hooves are good for the animals and their yield.

Efficient care

The Walkway offers regular care for hooves. Safe to use: with a simple push of a button, the foot bath fills up with water and a hoof care product. The cows walk through the foot bath, thereby obtaining the efficient hoof care they need. Easy to do after milking in the milking robot or in another set spot in the barn.

Animal-friendly and safe

Treatment is pain- and stress-free for your cows thanks to the animal-friendly Lely Walk Liquid disinfecting solution. This product is free from formalin and antibiotics. This makes cows more likely to walk through the foot bath, and to visit the milking robot. The system is self-cleaning, ensuring that any contamination does not affect the hoof health of the herd.
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Lely Discovery

Improved cow health thanks to excellent barn hygiene

Healthier cows through optimal hygiene

A clean floor prevents hoof problems and keeps tails and udders clean. Cows behave more naturally in a clean environment. As a result, heat is detected sooner. By keeping the barn clean and hygienic, cow health improves, as does the well-being of the animals.

Simple and flexible

You determine how the cleaning route works and how often you have the barn cleaned. You can also, for example, take account of the feeding plan so that the Discovery does not disturb you or your cows. You can also control it through your smartphone.

A clean barn at all times

The daily routine of scraping manure is a thing of the past with the Lely Discovery. The manure scraper cleans the barn floor 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year round. At the times and along the route you choose yourself, without causing a disturbance to the cows. This gives you a clean barn in which you can work enjoyably and safely.
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Time saving

The Discovery takes a daily task out of your hands and reaches everywhere in the barn. This is something that manure-scraping systems on a chain or cable are unable to do. This saves considerable time. You can also set the Discovery to work several times a day for constant barn cleaning.

Lely Light for Cows

Improved milk yield through efficient barn lighting

More light, more milk

Good lighting in the barn has been shown to enhance cows’ productivity. With Lely Light for Cows (L4C) you can set up an efficient light plan, giving you the right light intensity in the barn 16-18 hours a day. More light stimulates the cows’ activity. It also has a positive influence on fertility and on the growth of your young cattle.

Fully automated

With L4C you are always assured of the right amount of light at the right time and in the right place in the barn. This is thanks to an individual lighting control system for each light. The lighting control system is fully automated and the amount of light is determined per individual light. The lighting control system also factors in light coming from outside. The best possible lighting with the least possible effort.

Energy saving

The unique and automated lighting control system means that Lely L4C also saves you energy. You can achieve the most efficient level of lighting with a minimum number of lights. By only allowing the lights to come on when necessary, you achieve the required lighting intensity with the fewest possible hours of lighting. Saving you energy.
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